Marie du jour 2021, May 28: Silvio José Báez, O.C.D.

Let’s not forget the prophetic words of the Virgin Mary that never have been disproved by history: “The Lord casts down the mighty from their thrones” (Luke 1:52).

Bishop Silvio José Báez, O.C.D.
9 June 2018
Hail Mary full of rage Ben Wildflower
Hail Mary Full of Rage
Ben Wildflower (American)
Woodcut print
(Some rights reserved)

3 thoughts on “Marie du jour 2021, May 28: Silvio José Báez, O.C.D.

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  1. “Carmelite wisdom to encourage and inspire.” What was the intended encouragement and inspiration of “Hail Mary Full of Rage” for the community? From Mr. Wildflower’s website: “He believes Jesus invites us to betray our country and save our souls.” Please tell me in the carmelite doctors of the church where this is taught?

    1. We aren’t spokespersons for Mr Wildflower. This particular piece of art is thought-provoking, even arresting, and we include it simply to illustrate the thought of Bishop Báez. Thank you for your comment.

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