Marie du jour 2021, May 27: Jessica Powers

And in Her Morning

The Virgin Mary cannot enter into
my soul for an indwelling. God alone
has sealed this land as secretly His own;
but being mother and implored, she comes
to stand along my eastern sky and be
a drift of sunrise over God and me.

God is a light and genitor of light.
Yet for our weakness and our punishment
He hides Himself in midnights that prevent
all save the least awarenesses of Him.
We strain with dimmed eyes inward and perceive
no stir of what we clamored to believe.
Yet I say: God (if one may jest with God),
Your hiding has not reckoned with Our Lady
who holds my east horizon and whose glow
lights up my inner landscape, high and low.
All my soul’s acres shine and shine with her!
You are discovered, God; awake, rise
out of the dark of Your Divine surprise!
Your own reflection has revealed Your place,
for she is utter light by Your own grace.
And in her light I find You hid within me,
and in her morning I can see Your Face.

Sister Miriam of the Holy Spirit, O.C.D.

(Jessica Powers)

MacArthur, Lindsay Grandison, c.1866-1945; Dawn over Galilee
Dawn over Galilee
Lindsay Grandison MacArthur (British, c.1866–1945)
Oil on canvas
City of Edinburgh Council
Photo credit: Museums & Galleries Edinburgh – City of Edinburgh Council (Some rights reserved)

Powers, J 1999, The Selected Poetry of Jessica Powers, ICS Publications, Washington DC.

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