Quote of the day, 25 May: St. Mary Magdalene de’ Pazzi

O glorious Mary, and glorious the one who follows you! But then, to want to preserve our gifts and graces as Mary did, it is necessary to have what Mary had, whom after she was assumed into heaven, live a life lasting and eternal. The soul must have a perfect sight, in seeing God alone, it must have an unbelievable hearing, so that the soul through it may be doing whatever work you wish, great or small, or the most distracted that can be found, always takes its place before God and never leave aside what God seeks of it. Then it must have an agreeable and savour taste by which the soul, no matter what is placed before it whether sweet or bitter, goes on to taste everything in Christ crucified; for in this way one savours God, but crucified ….. I would wish to that such a soul, which has done what Mary does with the Word, that soul will crown Mary which will offer up all the merits of Mary, together with all the praise that has ever been given to her soul and with the merits of all the saints, with the desire of increasing her glory, however glorious that glory may be.

Saint Mary Magdalene de’ Pazzi

The Probation, II

Featured image: This is a detailed view of a magnificent artwork by the Roman sculptor and painter Ciro Ferri (1634-1689). It hangs over the altar in the central chapel of the Church of St. Maria Maddalena de’ Pazzi in Florence, which was once the Saint’s convent. Today, the church is the property of the Assumptionist Fathers from France. The church’s Wikipedia page in Italian has more ample descriptions of the church, the property, and the many artworks and artists.

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