Quote of the day, 22 May: St. Teresa of the Andes

Yesterday, I went on retreat. Our Lord told me I would go to His Father through Him. The one thing I should strive for in this retreat is to hide and submerge myself in the Divinity in order to know God better and to love him, to know myself better and to despise myself.

He desires me to allow myself to be guided entirely by the Holy Spirit. My life should be a continuous praise of love. I should lose myself in God and always contemplate Him without ever losing sight of Him. For this reason, I should live in silence. In God, all is silence, harmony, and unity. To live in God, it is necessary to become simple, to have no other thoughts or activity: to praise.

Saint Teresa of the Andes

Chapter 6

of the Andes, T 2003, The Writings of Saint Teresa of Jesus of the Andes: An Abridgement, translated from the Spanish by Father Michael D. Griffin, OCD, New Life Publishing Company.

Featured image: Retable of the Pentecost by Alvise Vivarini (Italian, c. 1444–c. 1504) was executed in oil paint on poplar wood c. 1478 in Venice. It is part of the Solly collection in the Bode Museum, Berlin, Germany. Photographer Jean Louis Mazieres captures this image for us. The Yale University Library and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Libraries also have information about this artwork.

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