Quote of the day, 19 April: St. Elizabeth of the Trinity

Dear little mother, it is with pleasure that I see the new year arrive in order to renew my wishes for a happy new year. I wish you everything you could possibly desire, and now that I’m older I’m going to be a sweet, patient, obedient, diligent little girl who never gets angry. First of all, since I am the elder, I must set an example for my little sister; I will not upset her anymore. Finally, I will be a little role model and you will be able to say that you are the happiest of mothers, and since I hope that I will soon have the happiness of making my First Communion, I will be even more well behaved because I will pray to God to make me even better. I leave you, my dear little mother, with a heartfelt kiss. Elisabeth Catez. Dijon, December 31, 1889.

Saint Elizabeth of the Trinity

(Letter 5)
St. Elizabeth of the Trinity made her First Holy Communion on 19 April 1891 in St. Michael Parish, Dijon

What struck me in that first meeting was her gentleness and friendliness, which contrasted with her intense nature and her fiery gaze. I also saw that she was the heart and soul of this meeting, which was to be followed by so many others. As I was amazed by her even temperament and gentleness, my mother spoke to Madame Catez, who then confided to her that, until the year before her first Holy Communion, Elisabeth was angry every day. It was then that her mother told her that a real change was needed to make that First Communion she so desired. A transformation immediately began to be visible in her character and when I got to know her, it seemed impossible that she could have been so different. As I was quick to get upset myself, I understood that I had to imitate her and make great efforts to become like her, gentle and humble.

Louise Recoing

(Récits Biographiques 49, nos. 2-3)
Louise was a good friend of Elizabeth, who Louise met not long before the saint was 12 years old

de Meester, C 2017, Rien moins que Dieu: sainte Elisabeth de la Trinité, Presses de la Renaissance, Paris.

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