Quote of the day, 8 April: Conrad De Meester, O.C.D.

The progressive weakening of the past months is now leading to complete exhaustion. Elisabeth eats with increasing difficulty. On the evening of 8 April [1906], Palm Sunday, a fainting spell suddenly worsened her state of weakness. Father Donin, vicar of the parish of Saint-Pierre who served the Carmelite nuns, was summoned urgently. The crisis had passed when he arrived and Elizabeth was fully conscious again.

When the priest, “in the midst of her suffering and suffocation”, asked if she accepted her pain and the sacrifice of her life, she answered, “as if surprised by the word acceptance: ‘Oh, I am happy to suffer’, and she emphasized this word happy”. She received extreme unction. “With clasped hands and clutching her crucifix […] she said with an unforgettable emphasis: “O Love, Love!” […] She closed her eyes entirely, but recognized us by our voices. The words so full of God that she had for each one… Her entire forgetfulness of herself at that moment…” (Biographical Narratives 8:53).

Conrad De Meester, O.C.D.

Riens moins que Dieu, ch. 29

Translation from the French text is the blogger’s own work product and may not be reproduced without permission.

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