Quote of the day, 6 April: Pauline Martin


Live Jesus!

My little darling Célin,

Look at what a good little sister I am, since for no reason I am taking up my pen to come say hello to you. It’s that I thought, I thought… no I don’t want to say what… well I thought that maybe you would be sad if writing to your cousins I didn’t have a word for you. Replace “pained” with… what I think and what you guess, then you’ll know what I don’t want to say.

Dear little daughter, I still love you very much, go on! Love God and your family very much, practice virtue, think of Heaven and you will be the best child under the Sun.

I’m looking forward to Friday to give you a hug, I hope you’ll be happy too and that this day will pass without any tears or regrets since our Thérèse is doing better. How kind of God to heal her for me these days.

Farewell, my dear little child, I keep you in my heart as my most precious treasure… a treasure I look at and caress a thousand times a day.

Your Agnès

Pauline Martin

Letter from postulant Agnès of Jesus to her sister Céline
3 or 4 April 1883
Pauline was clothed in the Discalced Carmelite habit on Friday, 6 April

Excerpt from her Private Recollections

The day of my Habit Reception, 6th April 1883, my poor little Thérèse, who was very sick at that time, came to embrace me before the ceremony. I sat her on my knees, as she relates in her manuscript. I can still picture her coming into the visiting room. She was so meek, so beautiful! She was wearing a sky blue cashmere dress, a silk sash of the same color, and a large white hat with an ostrich feather in it.

In the sacristy, prior to my admittance to the convent, my sisters were visibly very upset, and in a moment of anguish, Papa as he embraced me said, “Will I not see you again?” I replied that he would always see me, as the Rule allowed visits . . . but my heart was very heavy.

Translation from the French text is the blogger’s own work product and may not be reproduced without permission.

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