Quote of the day, 19 February: Silvio José Báez, O.C.D.

If we want to be Christians we have to be prophets like Jesus. But we mustn’t forget that we can’t follow him faithfully and, at the same time, want to please everybody. Neither can we avoid criticism and rejection when we strive to show that the society in which we live isn’t founded on the Gospel.

We can’t avoid being uncomfortable and annoying to the powerful when, like Jesus, we commit ourselves to the dignity of human beings and the advancement of the poor or when we speak on behalf of victims, prisoners, and the forgotten and discarded of society. We mustn’t forget this. A prophet exposes lies and cowardice, injustice and oppression, and calls us to a change of life. It isn’t easy to listen to his message. The easiest thing to do is to cast him out, expel him, and silence him by sending him away or taking his life. Then he won’t bother us anymore.

Silvio José Báez, O.C.D.

Auxiliary Bishop of Managua

Translation from the Spanish text is the blogger’s own work product and may not be reproduced without permission.

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