Quote of the day, 6 February: St. Zélie Martin

I’m sending you a letter from my sister that I received eight days ago; I enclose a letter from Pauline, who amused us with her Father de la Colombière….

Last week, she wrote us that the Community was doing a novena to him and that, if their prayers were answered, it would serve for his Beatification. She added that her aunt wasn’t very happy about it; she prefers that the miracle be done for someone else rather than for herself [St. Zélie’s sister, Sr. Marie-Dosithée, V.H.M., would die two weeks later in the Visitation monastery at Le Mans].

So if the good Father would do it for me, because I am not in such a hurry to leave and I am not well enough prepared. I’m still doing the same, but the pain is slowly increasing [a reference to her terminal breast cancer]. A novena to the Blessed Virgin is being made here for my intentions. I apply Lourdes water [to the breast] and drink it, but I have to conserve it, because I’m not at the spring!

If I were in the Blessed Virgin’s place, I would give in right away to so many prayers, just to get rid of these people. The Poor Clares are also going to start a novena, but I don’t like to ask for prayers for myself; if it were for others, it would be better for me.

Tell Jeanne and Marie that if they were in Alençon at the moment, in the square in front of the Courthouse, they would think they were in Lisieux, because all the booths that I had seen there during my trip to visit you have come back to us; it’s a crazy, noisy scene that makes you lose your mind. I took the children there on Sunday to please them, and I recognized everything that was at the Lisieux fair, right down to the same wooden horses, the chain gangs and everything else.

Nothing new to tell you, everyone here is doing well. My husband who is here next to me, says to me: “send them my love”.

Saint Zélie Guérin Martin

CF 157, letter to her sister-in-law Céline Fournet Guérin
6 February 1877

Translation from the French text is the blogger’s own work product and may not be reproduced without permission.

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