Quote of the day, 30 January: St. John Paul II

The Magnificat is a mirror of Mary’s soul. In this poem, the spirituality of Yahweh’s poor and the prophecy of the Ancient Covenant reach their culmination. It is the canticle that announces the new Gospel of Christ; it is the prelude to the Sermon on the Mount. There Mary reveals herself to us: empty of self, placing all her trust in the Father’s mercy.

In the Magnificat, she shows herself as “a model, the faithful accomplisher of God’s will, for those who do not accept passively the adverse circumstances of personal and social life, and are not victims of ‘alienation’—as is said today—but who with her proclaim that God is “the avenger of the humble” and, if necessary, “puts down the mighty from their thrones…” (St. John Paul II, Homily, Shrine of Our Lady of Zapopan, 30 January 1979).

Silvio José Báez, O.C.D.

Auxiliary Bishop of Managua
Secretary, Nicaraguan Bishops Conference (2009–2013)
The Magnificat: A Prayer for New Times (2011, excerpt)

Translation from the Spanish text is the blogger’s own work product and may not be reproduced without permission.

Featured image: The bright yellow, colonial architecture of the Hermanas Franciscanas Servidoras de la Cruz monastery in Izamal, Mexico serves as a colorful backdrop for this statue of Saint John Paul II. (Photo credit: Jesse Kraft © 123RF.com)

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  1. Goodness, this makes me think! Very refreshing when I have been told for 30 years that “acceptance is the answer to all my problems today”… indeed, as this says, some things just are not acceptable. Perhaps it is time to take a look at the Docat I bought but never read… this is very encouraging indeed, thank you.

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