Quote of the day, 27 January: St. Henry de Ossó

Say to Christ with all humility and trust: 

My Lord Jesus Christ,
way, truth and life of my soul,
let not the learned men, the wise men, nor the Prophets speak to me:
speak to me, Eternal Truth,
You who opened the mouths of the prophets,
who illuminated and now enlighten
every human being who comes into this world.

Let all creatures be silent in your presence,
and speak to me, O their Creator,
for a word from your mouth
is more beneficial to the soul
than the most sublime and well-composed speeches of men.
Your hands made me and formed me:
complete, then, your work with your instructions.
You know better than anyone
what light is lacking in my intelligence and love in my heart,
in order to be what you will and to the degree that you will,
and these are, you well know,
my good, the only desires of my heart,
thirsting for words of eternal life and health.
My heart is in your presence and my silence speaks to you.
I am tired and weary of the vain speeches of men,
and disillusioned for having followed lies
and for having loved vanity.
From your divine heart
from which all loves flow, all truths also flow.

Let me, then, love your adorable heart above all things,
so that, loving the source of all goodness,
I may love the source of all truth,
and that you may not only be light
and eternal life for my understanding,
but love and joy fulfilled for my heart,
here by grace, and there by the light of glory,
abounding in your love.
Awaken and enliven in my heart the love of truth,
that the love of your goodness may live therein.

Saint Henry de Ossó y Cervelló

Un mes en la escuela del corazón de Jesús, Day 12

Translation from the Spanish text is the blogger’s own work product. Featured image by Wolfgang Sauber (some rights reserved).

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