Quote of the day, 25 December: Mother Agnès of Jesus, O.C.D.

3rd April 1884


I am so glad, darling, that your First Communion is to be on 8th May. What a joy for me to give myself to God on the same day as you. You must pray a lot for your Agnes, my Benjamin, because to become the Spouse of Jesus is such a great grace, and I am utterly unworthy of it.

Besides — now listen well, for I am going to tell you my secret at once — Jesus will give Himself to you as a tiny Child because you are still so small; He will be the Babe whom Our Lady cuddled and warmed on her heart on Christmas night. He will smile at you, His little hands will be full of roses for you, and the Angels will pull off their thorns. There will be nothing to hurt you; everything will be sunny and smiling for you, and the morning will be like a morning in heaven.

Of course, it will be a heavenly day for me too, but as I am a grown-up Jesus will give Himself to me as a grown-up too. That means that I shall not see Him in the Crib as you will but on the Cross. I shall have no roses but the love of His thorns, no smile but His tears…So that you must ask your Little Jesus to give me the grace to love Him as a grown-up, to live and die in the shadow of His Cross, and not to refuse Him any of the sacrifices that His Love is bound to demand of me. I, in my turn, will ask my big Jesus to grant my Thérèsita the grace to love Him so much, so very much when He is a tiny Baby in His crib, that she may merit one day to love Him as the big Jesus on the Cross, as her Agnes does.

Adieu, my darling, I love you! . . .

Mother Agnès of Jesus, O.C.D.

Pauline Martin
Note: Pauline made her profession on the same day that Thérèse received her first holy communion

Little Counsels of Mother Agnes of Jesus, OCD Saint Therese’s Sister, Pauline (excerpt), Compiled by the Discalced Carmelite nuns of Ada (Parnell) Michigan

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