Quote of the day, 11 December: St. John Paul II

St Maravillas of Jesus was motivated by a heroic faith that shaped her response to an austere vocation, in which she made God the centre of her life. Having overcome the painful circumstances of the Spanish Civil War, she established new foundations for the Order of Carmel, imbued with the characteristic spirit of the Teresian reform. Her life of contemplation and monastic enclosure did not prevent her from responding to the needs of the persons she dealt with and promoting social and charitable works around her.

The new Saints have very concrete faces and their history is well known. What is their message? Their works, which we admire and for which we thank God, are not due to their own efforts nor to human wisdom but to the mysterious action of the Holy Spirit who inspired in them an unshakeable adherence to the risen and crucified Christ and the decision to imitate him. Dear Catholic faithful of Spain:  let yourselves be influenced by these marvellous examples!

Saint John Paul II

Homily, Mass and Canonization (excerpt)
Plaza de Colón in Madrid
4 May 2003

Juan Pablo II en Madrid
Juan Pablo II en Madrid
Santa Misa de Canonización
Por: dominicasbcn / Flickr
Todos los derechos reservados

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