Quote of the day: 26 November

God bless the hand which directed me under the roof of the sons of the Holy Spirit.

Saint Raphael of St. Joseph Kalinowski
Clothing, 26 November 1877
First Profession, 26 November 1878
Graz, Austria

Tierney, T  2016,  Saint Raphael Kalinowski: Apprenticed to Sainthood in SiberiaBalboa Press,  Bloomington, IN

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  1. (I was – I forget the term – my parish priest went through the induction ritual, in 2010.)

      1. Wasn’t sure if that was right because I was not entered in an OCDS register, my PP did it.

      2. So when the Apostleship of the Sea came to our Cathedral, years later, and enrolled loads of us, again not in a register, I let them repeat it, as they were more likely to be valid, I thought. But the Parish Priest had followed the prescribed ritual from a book…

      3. Well, I seem to have been enrolled, but bearing in mind this is 10 years ago, I have a very hazy memory of writing off to someone or other about the Confraternity, but really cannot now remember. I think I used to think I was in it, but can’t remember on what grounds now.

      4. So, as my Council eventually discerned that “your vocation is not to secular Carmel”, I had best settle for being enrolled………

  2. I can fully understand how he felt. Last week I replaced my broken proprietary Brown Scapular. Nearest I shall ever get to clothing, and it is so good.

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