Quote of the day: 24 November

For every Catholic there lies ready an immeasurable treasure: the proximity of the Lord in the holy sacrifice and in the most holy sacrament of the altar. Whoever is imbued with a lively faith in Christ present in the tabernacle, whoever knows that a friend awaits here constantly—always with the time, patience, and sympathy to listen to complaints, petitions, and problems, with counsel and help in all things—this person cannot remain desolate and forsaken even under the greatest difficulties. He always has a refuge where quietude and peace can again be found.

Saint Edith Stein

Spirituality of the Christian Woman
Zurich, January 27–28, 1932

Stein, E 2017, Essays On Woman, The Collected Works of Edith Stein, Book 2, translated from the German by Oben, F, ICS Publications, Washington D.C.

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  1. I love imagining how Elizabeth of the Trinity, Edith Stein or Therese celebrated this Feast today in their Carmelite Breviaries too, since this was his feast since 1726. Love it! You too dear friend, God reward you 😊

    1. By the way, have you registered yet for the online Advent retreat? Those of us on the translation team are working very hard to make Madame Acarie’s 16th c. French and Father Olivier’s classical French commentary have a certain effervescence for 21st c. readers, like bubbles on champagne tickle your nose. Hope you’ll register, it’s not too late!

      1. I have not; It sounds amazing, I’ll be praying for all the efforts going into it. I have so much on my plate with my own prayer schedule and daily devotions to register but I very much appreciate the offer!

      2. Friday email is probably a 5-minute read, 10 minutes if you want to digest and let it sink in. Daily point for meditation for every day of the week, 30 seconds. Thanks immensely for the prayers!

      3. I really appreciate it, but I keep my devotions very very limited! My Mothers in Carmel always said we need to stick to a few devotions and let the spirit of Carmel sink into our souls, I’ve really let them take root in my poor spiritual life. Again, God reward you though 😊

  2. A most Blessed Feast Day to Our Holy Father John of the Cross (November 24) in the Carmelite/Roman Rite Calendar. I just finished my Novena to him and it was so fruitful; have a wonderful day!

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