Quote of the day: 19 November


Holy Virgin, Immaculate Mother, look with compassion on the oppressions of my soul that is forever wedded to You. Be my protective shield against the missiles of an evil spirit, calm the storms of my own untamed spirit, engrave upon my heart the suffering of Your Divine Son, instill in me contrition purely out of love for Him, point out the path of sincere penance for my repeated unfaithfulness, prepare me for a death out of longing for God, preserve for the Kingdom of Saints and of just ones, the least of all who belong to You, but do not delay, rather lead me out of my incessant anxieties over salvation from the snares of earthly life, and through Your mercy remove me, who am full of wickedness, into everlasting rest with God Himself. Amen.

(Your prodigal son, Raphael of St. Joseph.)

Church of the Discalced Carmelite Friars
Czerna Cloister
Anna Magdalena Krzyszkowska / Facebook

Tierney, T  2016,  Saint Raphael Kalinowski: Apprenticed to Sainthood in SiberiaBalboa Press,  Bloomington, IN

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