Quote of the day: 17 November

To suffer! This word is the cry of my heart. But now I’m suffering like never before. These are pains of the soul. One must die to self in order to live hidden in Christ.

I have no appetite for prayer or communion, and yet I have a [crazy] desire in my soul to be united to Him. I do not hear his voice. Nothing. Darkness. I can’t meditate or do anything. Our Lord asked me to offer myself as a victim to atone for the neglect and ingratitude he suffers in the tabernacle.

He told me that he would make me suffer contempt, ingratitude, humiliation, dryness; in short, he wanted me to suffer. That is only my desire: I want to suffer, and even when I suffer, I am anxious to suffer more in order to unite myself to Our Lord.

Saint Teresa of the Andes

Diary, 14 October 1918

Translation from the Spanish text is the blogger’s own work product and may not be reproduced without permission.

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