Quote of the day: 1 November

Indeed, what else should our heart be? It should be the altar of God: “Dei altare cor nostrum” (St. Augustine, De civitate Dei, X, 3, 2). Humilis corde, Cor Christi est; those who are humble of heart, make themselves like the heart of Christ.

Upon our heart the offerings are placed, and the sacrifice is offered; within it is the most intimate sanctuary, the most secret place, the dwelling where the Holy of Holies reposes. “We will come to him and make our dwelling with him” (Jn 14:23). “I will enter his house and dine with him and he with me” (Rv 3:20).

“This indwelling of God in the soul of the just explains to us the extraordinary deeds in the lives of the saints” (St Raphael Kalinowski). #AllSaints

This indwelling of God in the soul of the just explains to us the extraordinary deeds in the lives of the saints. They are in the world, but as if they were not. They are in the world to carry out a mission, living a life of love and sacrifice through which God preserves them for himself, but they are not in the world because the principal reason of their existence is elsewhere: in God, who fills the soul and in whom it lives absorbed.

Saint Raphael Kalinowski

“On a good confession” (excerpt)
Conference for Discalced Carmelite nuns
Leopoli, 24 November 1902

Praskiewicz OCD, S 2016, Saint Raphael Kalinowski: An Introduction to his Life and Spirituality, Translated from the Polish by Coonan, T, Griffin, M & Sullivan, L, ICS Publications, Washington DC.

Our featured image is taken from the a rare, illuminated manuscript at Oxford University’s Bodleian Library. The Douce Apocalypse is an unfinished manuscript that may have been created at Westminster, circa 1265–1270 for King Edward I before his accession to the throne in 1272. This illustrated Book of the Apocalypse with commentary features several important miniatures in various stages of completion. The image above, which depicts the adoration of the Lamb, is embellished with gold leaf.

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