Quote of the day: 9 October

Mother Teresa,

I received your letter and since the business matter you are asking me to comment on is of so much service to the Lord, I wanted to commend it to my poor prayers and sacrifices, and this has been the cause of my delay in responding to you.

Now I say, in the name of the Lord himself, that you should be encouraged in such a great undertaking, which he will help and favor, and on his behalf I certify that not more than 50 years will pass before your religion [the Discalced Carmelites] is one of the most illustrious in the Church of God, which will preserve you, etc.

From Valencia,
Luis Beltrán

Saint Louis Bertrand

In his 1561 Letter to Saint Teresa, Saint Louis Bertrand offers his advice concerning the foundation of the first Carmelite monastery of the Discalced reform, the Carmel of St. Joseph in Avila. Louis Bertrand died one year prior to the passing of St. Teresa, on 9 October 1581. The fulfillment of his prophecy concerning the growth of the Teresian Carmel within 50 years was submitted as a proof of his sanctity during his cause for canonization. We are grateful to Father Ivan Mora Pernia, O.C.D. for providing the text of Saint Louis Bertrand’s letter. Our featured image is provided by Father Lawrence Lew, O.P. This portrait of Saint Louis Bertrand is found in the Dominican Church of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva in Rome.

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