Quote of the day: 6 October

One day after the octave of the feast of the Visitation while I was in a hermitage of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel praying to God for one of my brothers, I said to the Lord (I don’t know, perhaps I may have just thought it): “Why is my brother in a place where his salvation is in danger? Were I, Lord, to see Your brother in this danger, what wouldn’t I do to help him!” It seemed to me that I would have left nothing undone in order to help.

The Lord answered me: “Oh, daughter, daughter! These Sisters in the Incarnation are My Sisters, and you delay? Well, take courage; behold I want it, and it isn’t as difficult as it seems to you. And whereas you think some harm will come to your houses, both they and the Incarnation will benefit. Do not resist, for My power is great.”

Saint Teresa of Avila

Spiritual Testimonies 16
St. Joseph’s Avila, 10 July 1571

St Teresa took up her office as Prioress at the Monastery of the Incarnation on 6 October 1571 #carmelites #daughterofthechurch

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  1. Also, it just occurred to me today that Saint Teresa was in the habit of talking out loud in her prayer life. I do the same thing! It’s so nice to know that I’m in good company.

    1. Thank you again, I had not known that. I do it a lot too. Yes, very good to feel St Teresa did the same.

  2. Disarmingly frank! As always. Reminds me of the famous, “Find your own Calcutta!”…

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