Quote of the day: 16 June

For whom do you work? Whose service are you doing? Your state is really pitiable. Oh brother, do you think that you can lead a life neither virtuous nor sinless, serving both God and the world? Are you thinking of a mediocre life? Is there a third way of neither doing good work nor leading to sinful ways? One day you lead a virtuous life and the next day you get involved in worldly pleasures? Both cannot go together. You cannot serve two masters at the same time [Cf. Mt 6:24].

In the morning you offered Mass devoutly and received Communion and praised Jesus. When you come out of the church do you seek the worldly respect and pleasures? Oh my dear priest, is this the true life intended for you? Why do you involve in worldly talk without giving importance to your responsibilities, your status in life, and nobility? You do not think about the lives of others entrusted to you; you spent time without due respect for priestly life. Do you divide your heart, one half for God and the other half for the world?

Saint Kuriakose Elias Chavara

Guidelines for Priests
II.2, To be close to God or to the World?

Chavara, K, Panthaplackal, T 2009, Guidelines for Priests in the Words of Blessed Chavara, Chavara Central Secretariat, Chavara Hills.

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  1. PS: there is an old English proverb, “You can’t run with the hare and hunt with the hounds”.

  2. EXCELLENT quote and exposition by St Chavara. Just began my day on FB as usual, apologised for that habit to my Confessor yesterday (by phone). Ironic I receive these pieces of wisdom via the computer too! “Either he will love the one and hate the other, or he will cling to the one and despise the other” – to bowdlerise translations. Very apposite comment for which I thank you!

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