Quote of the day: 13 June

The bells of the cloister church peal so joyfully, ring so loudly that people would think that today is a feast day. And yet it is only Saturday evening. But this is the day of Mary. And it is on this evening that the Carmelite Fathers hold their Benediction in honor of Our Lady of the Holy Scapular, in honor of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. They have just prayed Matins and now, one by one, with the younger ones in front and the Prior behind, they enter the Choir before the High Altar. Because of their stately robe, the long white mantle, people see almost nothing of their brown habit and Scapular. It is only when they kneel before the Holy of Holies, bow down and reverently kiss the garment which was given to them by Heaven itself as a pledge of Mary’s protection, that people see the dark colors beneath all that white. On such an evening, it is as if they carefully expose that monastic garment to their Redeemer, reverently kissing it as a sign of gratitude and then, so that it remains spotless, covering it with the symbol of purity, and in this way following the Lamb, wherever it goes.

Blessed Titus Brandsma

Saturday evening in the church of the Carmelites
Carmelrozen, Vol. IV, August 1915, p. 93-96

On 13 June 1942 Blessed Titus Brandsma continued the final portion of his itinerary, following the Lamb from Kleve Prison to Dachau Concentration Camp. A judge declared that he “sought to protect Christianity from National-Socialism.” He arrived in Dachau 19 June 1942; he died there 26 July 1942. Learn more about the key moments in the life of Blessed Titus Brandma.

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