The influence of St. Elizabeth of the Trinity

Now, I will tell you that I have never personally known any Carmelite Sister. I have only read the lives of Therese and Elizabeth of the Trinity. That is how I happened to know that Carmel is a little bit of heaven and that the Lord has been calling me to that holy mountain.
Letter 14

I am reading Elizabeth of the Most Holy Trinity. I love her. Her soul is mine. Though she is holy I will imitate her and become a saint. I want to live with Jesus in the intimate depths of my soul. I want to defend Him from His enemies. I want to live a life of heaven, as Elizabeth says, by being a praise of His glory.

I invite you to spend time with Jesus in the depths of your soul. I have read in the life of Elizabeth of the Trinity how that little saint asked Our Lord to make her soul His little home. Let us make ours such. My dearest little one, let us live with Jesus within ourselves. He will tell us things unknown. His lullaby of love is so sweet. Like Elizabeth we will find heaven on earth, because God is heaven.
Letter to her sister Rebecca

Saint Teresa of Jesus of the Andes
St. Elizabeth of the Trinity
Credit: Discalced Carmelites

of the Andes, T 2003, The Writings of Saint Teresa of Jesus of the Andes: An Abridgement, translated from the Spanish by Father Michael D. Griffin, OCD, New Life Publishing Company.

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