Quote of the day: 2 June

Adam was not only the integral man but also the child of God: clinging to God in faith and love; knowing him in a more perfect way than man after the Fall; called to His eternal vision although not yet seeing Him directly. The loss of Man’s divine sonship was the direct consequence of his turning away from God through original sin. His loss of integrity was only a further consequence, although the fact that Adam turned away from God was rooted in a disturbance of social justice.

Thus the restoration of sonship to God is also the immediate goal of redemption; the restoration of perfect integrity is also a possible further effect of grace. Divine sonship and its highest perfection in glory is placed before us as a goal by the two orders of creation and redemption, and it is linked by them to our free cooperation. Therefore, educational work must also embrace the supernatural goal.

Saint Edith Stein

Problems of Womens Education
Benediktinische Monatschrift, 1932

Our First Parents after the Fall
Print maker: Johannes Josephus Aarts
Publisher: Continental Publishing Co.
Letterpress printing on paper, 1898
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Stein, E 2017, Essays On Woman, The Collected Works of Edith Stein, Book 2, translated from the German by Oben, F, ICS Publications, Washington D.C.

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