Marie du jour 2020: 28 May

In June 1999, when visiting his hometown of Wadowice for the last time, John Paul II recalled the memory of the Carmelite monastery and said: “As in my adolescent years, I wander in spirit to this special place of veneration of Our Lady of the Scapular, which had such a great influence on the spirituality of the area of Wadowice. I myself have received many graces from this place, for which I thank God today. And I still wear the scapular today, just as I received it from the Carmelites in Górka when I was about twelve years old”.

Szczepan T. Praskiewicz, O.C.D.
St. John Paul II: Carmelite in Spirit
The first of a series authorized by Father Praskiewicz

Translation from the Polish is the blogger’s own work product and may not be reproduced without permission.

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  1. What a great example. I’ve seen the famous photo of him in it as a young worker, and heard he would not let them remove it when he was shot.

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