Quote of the day: 16 May

There may still be some who, from deference to the naturally staid, impassive character of the English, would counsel Catholics to maintain a certain reserve in their devotion to Mary, as though, indeed, there were any other than Mary who was to crush the head of error; as though there could be danger or excess where God has so wondrously surpassed Himself: can the love of Catholics for Mary ever rise to such a height, or can they honour her with glory so sublime, as that to which God Himself has chosen to exalt her?

Saint Simon Stock, Church of Our Lady and the English Martyrs
Fr. Lawrence Lew, O.P. / Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

As if this filial homage could be out of place in England, the birth-place of the devotion of the Holy Scapular, the favoured spot to which the Blessed Virgin came, bringing from heaven that pledge of salvation, to bestow it upon a Religious, not of Italy or of Spain, but on an English Saint, born and bred in England, English in his labors, in his mission, and in his election as General of the Carmelite Order.

This preference for England as the scene of that revelation, and the choice of an Englishman, St. Simon Stock, as the receiver of the promise attached to the Scapular is, to my mind, a pledge of the future conversion of that nation.

Servant of God Augustine of the Blessed Sacrament
Hermann Cohen
Lecture at Malines (excerpt)

Tierney, T  2017,  A Life of Hermann Cohen: From Franz Liszt to John of the CrossBalboa Press,  Bloomington, IN

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  1. As an Englishwoman I am very proud to read this! The Servant of God is so accurate about our suspicion of emotional fervour. Hopefully less so among English under-40’s. Our Curate is newly ordained and young, and assures me that children do not get the same upbringing that I had, but are encouraged to express themselves freely. So there is hope that England might yet get more enthusiastic about the Blessed Virgin. Did you know she toured all our Cathedrals, prior to the rededication this year of England as her dowry? I saw her at Plymouth Cathedral, which is the other side of the county, but it was SO GOOD to see her and to go to the Liturgies held.

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