May’s Mary and Me (A Poem)

thoughtfully catholic

Madonna-wood-painting-Rose-Bower-Stefan-Lochner virgin mary

What does Mary mean to me?
Rose of Dawn, Sun upon Sea
Flowers sweetest fragrance, Song
Of birds rejoicing daylong.
This is some of she to me.

God’s Creation was all perfection
Then, as both Crown and Coronation,
He gave us Mary, Maid and Mother,
Greater than whom no woman other,
She sums up all beauty’s formation.

Her sorrows sink deep into my heart,
Sharing in her joys I have a part.
Those glorious mysteries divine
Which include Mary in their design,
Celebrated she by every art.

Mother of the Father’s Son,
The God Who is Three and One,
Spirit-conceived Holy Child,
Of Mary, the Virgin mild.
Praising this we have not done.

In the brightening Spring month we call May,
Rejoicing in the ever longer day,
To Mary we turn our eyes with delight,
Her angel-adorned beauty pleases sight.
Dear Advocate who for us now does pray.

Her name…

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