Quote of the day: 6 May

Once I said to the Infant Jesus: “My Lord, since you are keeping me company, do not let us go any more where there are other persons, but let us go alone to some mountains, for with your company nothing will be wanting to me.” But He smiled and, without speaking, made me understand that was not what He wanted of me.

Blessed Anne of St. Bartholomew
Autobiography, Chapter III
Beatified 6 May 1917
Anne of St. Bartholomew, Museo del Carmen, Villa del Leyva, Colombia (Public domain)

Anne of St. Bartholomew, M; Bouix, M 1917,  Autobiography of the Blessed Mother Anne of Saint Bartholomew, inseparable companion of Saint Teresa, and foundress of the Carmels of Pontoise, Tours and Antwerptranslated from the French by Michael, M A, H. S. Collins Printing Co., Saint Louis.

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