Marie du jour: 6 May

Once they ordered me to lie down with one of my sisters who was frightened. I had not yet recited my rosary, and, in order not to fall asleep, I took with me a large stone, which was very sharp, and after having put out the light I went to bed, slipping this stone in also; it was the pillow I made use of very frequently. This time I put it directly under my body, in order not to go to sleep. But it was not sufficient, for before finishing my rosary I slept.

During my sleep I saw the Mother of God, surrounded with great splendor, carrying the Infant Jesus in her arms, enter the room. Seated with Him on a brilliant throne, she regarded me with kindness. The Divine Child commenced to pull me with the rosary, as if He wished to play, and drew me so forcibly that He awakened me.

The Mother of God then said to me: “Have no anxiety and fear nothing; I will lead you, myself, to the place where you will be a religious, and where you will wear my habit.” Having said these words, she disappeared. I remained supremely consoled, and with the most ardent desire to serve my God.

Blessed Anne of St. Bartholomew

Autobiography, Chapter IV

Anne of St. Bartholomew, M; Bouix, M 1917,  Autobiography of the Blessed Mother Anne of Saint Bartholomew, inseparable companion of Saint Teresa, and foundress of the Carmels of Pontoise, Tours and Antwerptranslated from the French by Michael, M A, H. S. Collins Printing Co., Saint Louis.

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