Quote of the day: 1 May

During that time of greatest bodily suffering…

Teresa suffered for three years without asking for recovery. We do not know why she now changed her mind. She only tells us that she decided to beseech heaven to end her suffering. With this intention, she asked that a Mass be offered and turned toward the saint in whom she had always had unlimited trust, and who owes to her zeal the increased veneration shown him. “I do not know how to think about the Queen of Angels, about all of her pains and cares with the little child Jesus without thanking St. Joseph for the dedication with which he came to the help of both of them” (Life, 6.8). She ascribed her healing to him.

Soon he came to my rescue in very obvious ways. This most beloved father and lord of my soul quickly freed me of the weakness and suffering to which my body was consigned….I don’t recall that he ever denied me anything.

St. Joseph permitted his power and goodness to me to become evident. Through him I regained my strength. I stood up, walked, and was free of the paralysis.
[see Life, 6, 6–8]

Saint Edith Stein

Love for Love: The life and works of St. Teresa of Jesus (1934)

The Holy Family in Egypt
Albrecht Dürer (German, 1471–1528)
Letterpress printing on paper, 1500 – 1504 and/or 1511

Stein, E. 2014, The Hidden Life: hagiographic essays, meditations, spiritual texts, translated from the German by Stein, W, ICS Publications, Washington DC.

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