Quote of the day: 26 March

In speaking of Jesus Christ, one saint wrote: “Where, then, did He dwell but in suffering?” and David sang that this suffering was as immense as the sea. Every soul crushed by suffering, in whatever form it may occur, can tell itself: I dwell with Jesus Christ, we are living in intimacy, the same dwelling shelters us!

Saint Elizabeth of the Trinity

Letter 314 to her mother
Around 21 September 1906

Marji Beach / Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Elizabeth of the Trinity, S 2003, The Complete Works of Elizabeth of the Trinity volume 2: Letters from Carmel, translated from the French by Nash, A, ICS Publications, Washington DC.

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  1. Thank you!! I am in isolation for a week as a bit chesty, so needed to hear I am with Jesus. I keep thinking of His sweating blood. He, too, was afraid, it says so in the Office.

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