Quote of the day: 10 February

How rightly confession is called the sacrament of peace! Could anything make us realize how we should be at peace and in charity with others more than pondering the great condescension of God! Truly, we will never be asked to forgive anyone the great offenses God freely pardons in us.

I have been thinking about the text that was preached on Sunday, the unforgiving servant. We come to the great King of Heaven with empty hands, in debt to Him for everything: life itself, and grace, and all the gifts He lavishes on us. Yet all we can say is, Have patience with me, and I will pay thee all I owe,” (Mt 18:26) while all the time we could never pay anything toward the remission of our own debts if God did not put into our hands the means to do so. And then, how often do we go away and refuse pardon for some slight fault in our neighbors, withholding our love, remaining aloof, or even nursing a grievance against them, and building up grudges that cool charity.

Saint Teresa Margaret Redi

God is Love Saint Teresa Margaret: Her Life
Chapter 1: Who Is God? (excerpt)


Teresa Margaret-Redi
St. Teresa Margaret of the Sacred Heart | Credit: Discalced Carmelites



Rowe, M 2003, God is Love Saint Teresa Margaret: Her Life, ICS Publications, Washington, DC.

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