Quote of the day: 4 February

Our Lady kept the Word of God and this Word often was mysterious.

She had the faithfulness of a simple child, and here is the tremendous shock of the Annunciation, the required participation; and she adheres to the Word of God proclaimed. The first thing Elizabeth will say is: Blessed are you because you have believed in the Word of God. By believing, you have received it.

Her whole life has been a life of faithfulness. She was faithful to God’s thought and she realized it. God’s will was manifested to her, she followed God in his successive wills.

Flexibility was required to follow the movements of Love, of souls, of his son, the movement of the Holy Trinity, all the way to Calvary…

She was faithful to the Love that had conquered her.

Blessed Marie-Eugène of the Child Jesus

11 August 1945


Annunciation_LESUEUR Eustache_Louvre
Eustache Le Sueur (French, 1616-1655)
Oil on canvas, 1652
Louvre Museum, Paris



Guichard, J 2018, Prier 15 jours avec le père Marie-Eugène de l’Enfant Jésus: Carme, fondateur de Notre-Dame de Vie, Nouvelle Cité, Bruyères-le-Châtel.
Translation from the French text is the blogger’s own work product and may not be reproduced 

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    1. The colors, the line, what’s not to like? And so French! It was seized by revolutionary fanatics but fortunately not destroyed in 1793 from the parish church in Mitry (Seine-et-Marne)

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