Quote of the day: 1 February

During my sleep, I seemed to see a man who wanted to sell a fish come into my uncle’s house. I understood the fish was poisoned and that all those who would have eaten it would have died.

Imagine then my surprise when the next morning I saw that very same man, bringing us a fish just like the one in my dream. I warned my uncle of this, but he totally dismissed it as children’s imagination. He bought the fish and gave instructions to have it cooked. I doubled my pleas, and in tears, I asked to be the first one to taste it, hoping this way to save our family.

Finally, my uncle gave in. He had the fish carefully checked and it was poisoned indeed. From the bottom of my heart, I thanked God to have revealed to someone so insignificant as myself, the way to save my family from sure death.

Saint Mariam Baouardy


posed photo
Saint Mary of Jesus Crucified poses for a photo in a storage room in the turn at the Carmel of Bethlehem | Credit: Discalced Carmelites



Zampini F 2018, Life and Thoughts of Mariam Baouardy, the 'Little Nothing', translated from the Italian by Leontini C, Self-published, Bethlehem.


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