Quote of the day: 4 January

September 8, 1890

O Jesus, my divine spouse! May I never lose the sec­ond robe of my Baptism! Take me before I can commit the slightest voluntary fault. May I never seek nor find anything but yourself alone. May creatures be nothing for me and may I be nothing for them, but may you, Jesus, be every­thing!. .. May the things of earth never be able to trouble my soul, and may nothing disturb my peace. Jesus, I ask you for nothing but peace, and also love, infinite love without any limits other than yourself; love that is no longer I but you, my Jesus. Jesus, may I die a martyr for you. Give me martyrdom of heart or of body, or rather give me both

Give me the grace to fulfill my vows in all their perfection, and make me understand what a real spouse of yours should be. Never let me be a burden to the community, let nobody be occupied with me, let me be looked on as one to be trampled underfoot, forgotten like your little grain of sand, Jesus.

May your will be done in me perfectly, and may I ar­rive at the place that you have gone ahead to prepare for me.

Jesus, allow me to save very many souls; let no soul be lost today; let all the souls in purgatory be saved… Jesus, pardon me if I say anything I should not say. I want only to give you joy and to console you.

Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus

Prayer Pri 2

Marie Françoise Thérèse Martin was baptized on 4 January 1873 in Notre‑Dame Church of Alençon, France by Father Dumaine. You can view the birth certificate and baptismal record here. In her manuscripts that together form the autobiography that we know as Story of a Soul,  Thérèse lists the “days of grace” on page 86 that the Lord “granted to his little spouse.” The first day of grace was her birth on 2 January; the second was her baptism on 4 January 1873.



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