Quote of the day: 28 December


28 December ’88

Jesus +

My dear little Aunt,

I am very sorry, for, yesterday evening, not knowing my sisters were going to write you, I slept like a lazy thing! . . . This morn­ing, I have only a bit of time, and I even have to take it from the Office.

Dear Aunt, I would like to be the first to wish you a Happy New Year for 1889!. . .

When I think, dear Aunt, that it will soon be nine months since your little daughter is in Carmel, I can’t get over it. It seems to me it was only yesterday that I was still with you!. . . How quickly life passes; it is already sixteen years since I have been on earth. Oh! soon we shall all be reunited in heaven. I love these words of the psalms very much: “A thousand years in the eyes of the Lord are like yesterday that has passed already.” What rapidity! Oh! I want to work during the day while it is still light, for afterwards will come the night when I shall be able to do nothing. Pray for your little daughter, dear Aunt, so that she does not abuse the grace which God is showering on her in the fertile valley of Carmel.

I cannot refrain from laughing when seeing my letter; it is not really a New Year’s letter, but, dear little Aunt, with you I am like a child who lets its heart go without searching in any way for what it is going to say!. . .

If you only knew, dear Aunt, all I will ask for you and dear Un­cle on New Year’s day!. . . No, you don’t know, and I am not go­ing to undertake telling you, for it would bore you because it would take too long.

And my little cousins (my dear little sisters), how I will pray for them!. ..

Au revoir, dear Aunt. I beg you to tell Uncle how much I love him. I should have written him at the same time as I wrote you, dear Aunt, but I am too stupid to talk to two persons to­gether …. I beg him to pardon me, and I send to both of you the best kiss from your littlest Benjamin.

Thérèse of the Child Jesus

I just remembered that I haven’t thanked dear Aunt for the crown that she wants to give me for my reception of the Habit. Oh! if she only knew how grateful I am and also how dear this souvenir will be to her little daughter’s heart!. . .


LT 71  From Thérèse to Mme. Guérin
28 December 1888


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