Quote of the day: 10 December

Loreto really charmed me!

And what shall I say about the Holy House? Ah! how deep was my emotion when I found myself under the same roof as the Holy Family, contemplating the walls upon which Jesus cast His sacred glance, treading the ground bedewed with the sweat of St. Joseph, under this roof where Mary had carried Jesus in her arms, having carried Him in her virginal womb. I beheld the little room in which the angel had appeared to the Blessed Virgin. I placed my rosary in the little bowl of the Child Jesus. What ravishing memories!

Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus

Manuscript A, folio 59 verso


I was delighted to hear that today all three of you are in the little House of the Blessed Virgin [Loreto, 12-13 November 1887)… One must no longer feel outside one’s Homeland there. It’s the Homeland in exile. When shall we be reunited in the other Homeland that we can never leave?

Mother Agnès of Jesus, O.C.D. (Pauline)

Letter to her father, St. Louis Martin
9 November 1887


On a hillside, the Santa Casa [of Loreto] is entirely covered with marble, but not on the inside. Statue of the Blessed Virgin in cedarwood [carved] by St Luke. Madonna’s bowl. Altar where St. Peter said his first Mass after the Ascension of Our Lady.

– To reach Loreto by rail we saw Imola at the foot of the hills, Senigallia home of Pius IX. Gastelfidardo a historic memory.

It was on the Gospel side that Thérèse and I received Holy Communion, in the little corner, very close to the altar. In the Basilica, we avoided placing ourselves under the staff of the Grand Penitentiary!

Sister Geneviève of the Holy Face, O.C.D. (Céline)

Notebook from her pilgrimage to Rome


Santa Casa di Loreto interior Holly Hayes Flickr 2380270906_ff3bf7a6a3_o
Holly Hayes, sacred_destinations / Flickr

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