Quote of the day: 24 October

O my God, my All, O Christ whom I adore! My life, my all! Come, quench my hunger, my thirst, yet unfulfilled. O my Christ, my hunger for light and truth, I hunger… I hunger for souls for the Beloved… and I hunger for his glory… Souls for Christ, the Son of God! Oh! Souls! My Christ! How I would like for each beat of my heart to tell you of my tenderness… and for each beat of my heart to work for your glory… Oh! Souls! We need saints! Saints to cast souls into God… My God! I cannot go on any longer… My entire being fails me at times. You, who know… yes, to keep suffering, always suffering if the glory of my God is attached to it. Always suffering and of these sufferings for which no one knows the remedy. Oh! To suffer, my Christ! Yes, Victim of love!

To suffer if your Divine Majesty finds me worthy of it, my God, to suffer! My God, beloved Father, with my Christ, I place my soul in your hands when it will please you. Fiat! But have pity. Look not upon my misery, see only Jesus and make all his merits mine for your glory alone.

Oh! Yes, for me to live is Christ! (Written Sunday 1 August 1920) Fiat voluntas tua.

Sr. Jeanne-Marie-Ange of the Child Jesus, OCD

Discalced Carmelite nun from the Carmel of Haifa
13 January 1895 – 24 October 1921


Carmelite monastery,  Haifa
The original Carmel of Haifa, now part of the RAMBAM Hospital campus | rndms / 123RF


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