Quote of the day: 13 June

Where among you, tell me, are to be found preachers, well versed in the word of God, and fit to preach as it should be done?

Some there are, indeed, presumptuous enough, in their craving for vainglory, to attempt it, and to trot out to the people such scraps as they have been able to cull from books, in an effort to teach others what they themselves know neither by study nor by experience. They prate away before the common folk—without understanding a word of their own rigmarole—as bold-faced as though all theology lay digested in the stomach of their memory, and any tale will serve their turn if it can be given a mystical twist and made to redound to their own glory. Then, when they have done preaching—or rather tale telling—there they stand, ears all pricked up and itching to catch the slightest whisper of flattery. But not a vestige do they show of the endowments for which, in their appetite for vainglory, they long to be praised.

Nicholas the Frenchman
Ignea Sagitta: The Flaming Arrow
Chapter 4, 36-37


Lansdowne Psalter Magnificat detail
Detail from the Magnificat, Lansdowne Psalter | British Library Digitised Manuscripts Project


The Flaming Arrow: Ignea Sagitta. Nicholas Prior General of the Carmelite Order (1266-1271); The complete text translated from the critical edition of Adrian Staring O. Carm.; by Bede Edwards O.C.D.


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