Pentecost Novena: Edith Stein — Day 4

Pentecost Novena 4-17 Edith
Pentecost Novena: Edith Stein — Day 4


Are you the ray
That flashes down from the eternal Judge’s throne
And breaks into the night of the soul
That had never known itself?
Mercifully relentlessly
It penetrates hidden folds.
Alarmed at seeing itself,
The self makes space for holy fear,
The beginning of that wisdom
That comes from on high
And anchors us firmly in the heights,
Your action,
That creates us anew:
Holy Spirit ray that penetrates everything!

Saint Edith Stein

And I Remain With You:
From a Pentecost Novena

Day 4


The Hidden Life: Essays, Meditations, Spiritual Texts
The Collected Works of Edith Stein, Vol. 4
ICS Publications, Washington DC
© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelites, Inc.

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  1. Holy Spirit Lord of Light from your pure celestial height Your pure beam of radiance give. Fill us with the fragrance of Holy Fear, the sweet tender-loving fear every child has for their loving and adoring parents, a fear of ever upsetting them, a fear of ever offending them, a fear of ever making them sad, or not doing exactly what they asked of us, and to do it with loving devotion for love of them. This is the “Holy Fear” that caused Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane to sweat blood. For now He must become sin itself to save mankind and His created universe. He who did not know sin, who could never make His Father sad, who always did exactly what the Father asked Him to do, and who always did it with perfect devotion, must now take within Himself every sinful crime, and all the guilt, shame, and punishment due. What love Jesus has for us! Without Your Cross Jesus we would all be lost. But you gave us Yourself, Your very flesh to eat and blood to drink, You gave us Your Mother from the Cross, You gushed out water of mercy from Your side and pierced heart, and You sent the Holy Spirit to fill us to live within us a ball of purifying fire and love to become faithful adoring, merciful, sweet gentle children.

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