Quote of the day: 9 May

Those calced friars must have something up their sleeve

Oh, the lies that circulate down here! It’s enough to make you faint. Now they just told me that the visitator for the friars of the cloth is in Carmona — that’s how they refer to him — and that in many monasteries they have given him their obedience.

Nonetheless, I fear these things from Rome, for I remember the past, even though I do not think they will be to our harm but to our advantage. Those calced friars must have something up their sleeve. They wouldn’t be so foolish as to come here, for they still don’t know that our padre has departed; they think he is here.

We are receiving many compliments and the neighbors are jubilant. I would like to see our discalced affairs brought to a conclusion, for after all the Lord won’t put up with those other friars much longer; so many misfortunes will have to have an ending.

Saint Teresa of Avila
Letter 106 to Padre Ambrosio Mariano, Madrid
Seville, 9 May 1576

The chapel in the Carmel of St. Joseph in Seville. Of the preparations for this foundation in 1576, St. Teresa wrote to Padre Ambrosio on 9 May: “The house is such that the sisters never cease thanking God. May he be blessed for everything. All say that what we paid was nothing and are certain that today it would cost 20,000 ducats to build. They say the site is one of the good ones in Seville.” | Jose Luis Filpo Cabana / Wikimedia Commons

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