Quote of the day: 27 February

You have asked me twice, I believe, whether I have any connection to Gertrud von le Fort’s Carmelite novella. She hit upon the material without my having anything to do with it.

However, soon thereafter she came to see me in Munich, and one afternoon we spoke about Carmel, from which she was spiritually still rather distant at that time. She only became engrossed in it through her work on the novella. Naturally, she has also visited us when she was here [in Cologne], and was very happy to have the two hours at the grate.

Saint Edith Stein
Letter 196 to Mother Petra Brüning, O.S.U.
27 February 1935

The Blessed Carmelite Martyrs of Compiègne | Mother Teresa of St. Augustine and her fifteen companions were the subject of Gertrud von Le Fort’s novella, “Die Letzte am Schafott” (English title: The Song at the Scaffold), which was a work of historical fiction published in 1931. The English translation appeared in 1933. In 1947, French author Georges Bernanos wrote a screenplay based on von Le Fort’s novella; the screenplay was produced as a film in 1960 under the title, “Le Dialogue des Carmélites.” But as early as 1951 Bernanos’ screenplay had been adapted for the theatre. This was the script that inspired Francis Poulenc to use as the libretto for his opera of the name title. | Image credit: Le Mémorial des Carmélites Martyres, Carmel of Jonquières



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