My Homily for 5th Sunday 2019


5th Sunday of the Year ( c ) 2019

Isaiah is so right about human nature in today’s first reading; we so often see the worst in ourselves.“What a wretched state I am in! says the Prophet,I am lost for I am a man of unclean lips”. So many people could and do say that today.They wouldn’t use the words “unclean lips” they would more likely say simply “a sinner”: “I am lost for I am a sinner”. Indeed, isn’t that what Peter says in the Gospel. He falls as Christ’s feet and says, “Leave me Lord, I am a sinful man”. Peter felt the full weight of his sins when he was in the presence of Christ.It was if a light had shone into his heart, showing Peter all that was dark. Peter felt so uncomfortable he asks the Lord to leave: “leave me Lord, I am a sinful…

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