The Valley of the Shadow of Life. A Poem.

In mental prayer we discover, like Saint Teresa of Jesus and Saint John of the Cross, “that Which is concealed….” We discover Jesus, the “Beloved, desired One.” St. Teresa wrote that, “keeping Christ present is what we of ourselves can do.” In frequent periods of silent, mental prayer God can do the rest, revealing himself. Let him.

thoughtfully catholic

carthusian at night prayingI walk through the valley
Of the shadow of life.
In deep darkness I walk,
Dazzled by purest light.

Unseeable is He whom
I seek, hidden by brilliance,
Known to be unknowable.
Path darkened by my blindness.

Your distaff comforts me.
She is not sightless here,
Spotless untouched mirror
She guides me toward You.

Beads slip through cold fingers
Praying before the dawn.
As unhearing, He hears,
Unmoving He draws near.

Like a feather brushing
You lightly touch my heart
And then, Ah! You are gone.
Inaccessible light.

Bright-cloud. Inner-fire.
Seven veils that conceal.
That Which is concealed. You.
Beloved, desired One.

This dark valley is long.
My sightlessness abides.
I walk. She walks with me,
All the days of my life.

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