The Door of Hope: The Frank Friar

Recently, in my travels throughout NYC, something occurred in a subway car.  I was returning to the Bronx from Manhattan when early in my travels five men entered the same car as me.  A car, mind you, that was already becoming pretty filled with people.  The smell of these gentlemen filled the car quickly.  Within minutes of the subway training moving along to the next stop, it became clear that all these men were on something.  That something might’ve been alcohol, drugs, or a mixture of the two.  They were loud and rude, causing a situation where those around them began to move away, causing the five to push and shove each other to claim one of the newly vacated seats. Much of their conversation between themselves was about their currently ‘wasted state’ or previously ‘wasted states.’  Of course, they were using language that I dare not type for you all.  As I listened and watched these men my heart had only one response to them: pity.

I pitied them, why?

Learn why on The Frank Friar blog

Photo by Eddi Aguirre on Unsplash


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