St Edith Stein letter to the Carmel of Le Pâquier, Switzerland

EDITH - screenshot of Letter 338
Full text of Letter 338 to Mother Marie Agnès de Wolff, Carmel of Le Pâquier is available from ICS Publications in the Collected Works of Edith Stein, vol. 5, Self-Portrait In Letters, 1916-1942

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  1. This clarifies and corrects a misrepresentation: that Le Paquier Carmel did not accept St Edith Stein and her sister. Maybe I am the only one who believed this. I am so happy to read Edith’s letter thanking the Swiss Carmel for accepting her and her sister Rosa. I had been led to believe, clearly falsely, that the Carmel would accept Edith but not Rosa. I am so pleased to have this clarified and to know that the Community in Le Paquier accepted unanimously to accept Edith and her sister Rosa.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Father! In reality, the situation was a tad more convoluted. Le Paquier Carmel was full, had reached its constitutional limit, and there were no empty cells; but Mother Marie Agnès could not turn away a nun in such great need. So, knowing that she had no room for Rosa, Mother Marie Agnès made arrangements with the nearby Carmel Saint Joseph sisters to host Rosa for an indefinite period, as well. In a letter to the prioress at Echt on 17 July, Mother Marie Agnès explained the arrangements she had made for Edith and Rosa:

      After consultation with our bishop, we asked the Carmelites of Seedorf if they would be able to accept Sr. Rosa. These are Carmelites of St. Joseph, Regular Tertiaries, permanently attached to our Order. The honorable Mother was immediately prepared to temporarily give shelter to Sister Rosa, and now, like us, trusting in God, they have decided to take in Sister Rosa as well. We therefore hope that nothing stands in the way of these two sisters coming and that Switzerland will soon open its borders to them. [The OCD nuns and Carmel St Joseph Sisters were ready, but there were still civil arrangements to be made] We understand so well how painful it is for the poor sisters to change places of residence again and again. We will wholeheartedly do our utmost to make them feel comfortable and at home with us. Sister Theresia Benedicta was called by our holy community: unanimously and wholeheartedly chosen. Seedorf is only an hour away from here; so we hope that the two sisters will come to us first to spend a few days together. Thus, we would have the pleasure to meet Sr. Rosa, too. I imagine that the two dear sisters, after the hardships of the long journey, need rest and we hope that they will soon recover in our good mountain air.

      To read the complete correspondence in the original texts (annotated) on the Edith Stein Archives website:

      EdithSteinGesamtausgabe SelbstbildnisInBriefen II 1933-1942

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