The Marie du jour – May 1

God is eternal silence; God dwells in silence. He is eternal silence because he is the One who has totally realized his own being because he says all and possesses all. He is infinite happiness and infinite life. All God’s works are marked by this characteristic. Contemplate the Incarnation; it was accomplished in the silence of the Virgin Mary’s chamber at a time when she was in prolonged silence, her door closed. Our Lord’s birth came during the night, while all things were enveloped in silence. That is how the Word of God appeared on earth, and only Mary and Joseph were silently with him. They did not overwhelm him with their questions, for they were accustomed to guarding their innermost thoughts.

Père Jacques of Jesus, O.C.D.
Retreat for the Carmel of Pontoise, Conference Eight 
Thursday evening, 9 September 1943


South transept, south window, by Morris and Co, designed by Burne Jones, 1876-7: detail – Nativity (first use 1872, Castle Howard) – St Martin-in-the-Bullring Church, Birmingham England; photo by Rex Harris


Listen to the Silence - A Retreat with Père Jacques 
Translated and edited by Francis J. Murphy
ICS Publications © Washington Province of Discalced Carmelites, Inc.




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