St Mary Magdalene de Pazzi’s Call to Renew the Church

On this anniversary of the beatification of Mary Magdalene de Pazzi, 27 April 1627 by Pope Urban VII, we share excerpts from her seventh letter to “the most illustrious Cardinals who are assisting the Apostolic See”.

The humble handmaid of the slain Lamb and Word Made Flesh, Christ crucified; forced by sweet Truth and by the unity of the Most Holy Trinity, and in particular by her loving Spouse– I say that she is forced, and may you take note that I say forced– to make known to you something that is no less pleasing to God than it is useful for creatures, namely: that He wills to renew His spouse, the Church, by means of you ministers and principal members of that Church!

(…)  Wherefore, on the part of sweet Truth, I invite you– I do not say, with human tongue; but if I could, I would invite you with angelic tongues– to cooperate in so grand and pleasing a work, of which I believe that you, because you are in the position that you are, profoundly comprehend the usefulness.

(…)  The useful purpose of this work shows you its excellence, even though the beginning will appear difficult to you, as it certainly is. Wherefore it is imperative for you to strip yourselves completely of every earthly convenience and of all human respect, even though there are but few [who rank] above you. It is imperative, further, that you follow the Vicar of Christ, who holds the place of the glorious apostle Peter; and that you be most obedient to him, just as the other apostles were to Peter, though they were not less anxious for the salvation of peoples and of the human race than was the glorious Peter.

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Mary-Magdalene-de-Pazzi_Ecstasy of MMP_Alessandro Rosi 1670Ecstasy of St Mary Magdalene de’ Pazzi, Alessandro Rosi – 1670, Musée des beaux-arts de Chambéry

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