How To Find Meaning


imageHow to find meaning
Is: stop searching for meaning;
It is always here

There are, I think, at least three major assumptions embedded in this micropoem. Namely-
1) That there is a universal human desire to find meaning in life and in the cosmos.
2) That this desire is often expressed in terms of a search to discover an external reality.
3) That, in fact, meaning exists as something to be realised, not something to be discovered.

Now, granting that it is plausible, probable even, that The Poet is at least mildly deranged it will be nonetheless, let us suppose, a worthwhile exercise to run with these assumptions for a while and see where they lead us.

The experience of mankind certainly seems to be that once societies get beyond the level of simply surviving, that is, when food surpluses are regular and leisured classes are possible, then questions…

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