Marching for our lives

The Soul of a Nation: America as a Tradition of Inquiry and Nationhood

Words for a conversation in the wake of children militant

A conversation on social media between two friends I respect and admire, regarding the “March for Our Lives” protests, contained an exchange in which one of the interlocutors expressed the desire to locate the demonstrations squarely within the bailiwick of “pro-life” advocacy. Another interlocutor was not so much reticent to accept that location, as unsure how to receive it. That is a perplexity many of us are experiencing right now, and one through which it is worth working together. I hope the words of mine to follow, which draw on the words of others I respect and admire, can be words for a conversation.

Tihamér_Margitay_Exciting_story “Exciting Story” by Tihamér Margitay via Wikimedia Commons

If we take seriously the idea — epitomized in the words of Dr King in his Letter from a Birmingham Jail — that “Any law that uplifts human…

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